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Discovering Science Through Inquiry Inquiry Handbook Living Organisms

By Teacher Created Material
  • Book ID : 9781433314520
  • Publisher : Teacher Created Materials
  • Pages : 144
  • Genre : Uncategoriezed
  • Reads : 627
  • eBook Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • File Pdf: discovering-science-through-inquiry-inquiry-handbook-living-organisms.pdf

Book Summary:

The Living Organisms Inquiry Handbook is designed to guide students through exploration of scientific concepts and features background information for each topic, hands-on activities, experiments, and science journal pages. The various student activities and experiments are inquiry based, student focused, and directly related to the focus of lessons provided in the corresponding kit (kit not included).

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As in the rest of the United States, grizzly bears, wolves, and mountain lions in and around Yellowstone National Park were eliminated or reduced decades ago to very low numbers. In recent years, however, populations have begun to recover, leading to encounters between animals and people and, more significantly, to conflicts among people about what to do with these often controversial neighbors. Coexisting with Large Carnivores presents a close-up look at the socio-political context of large carnivores and their management in western Wyoming south of Yellowstone National Park, including the southern part of what is commonly recognized as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The book brings together researchers and others who have studied and worked in the region to help untangle some of the highly charged issues associated with large carnivores, their interactions with humans, and the politics that arise from those interactions. This volume argues that coexistence will be achieved only by a thorough understanding of the human populations involved, their values, attitudes, beliefs, and the institutions through which carnivores and humans are managed. Coexisting with Large Carnivores offers important insights into this complex, dynamic issue and provides a unique overview of issues and strategies for managers, researchers, government officials, ranchers, and everyone else concerned about the management and conservation of large carnivores and the people who live nearby.

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  • Isbn : 9781921313905
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Book Summary:

"Many of the papers in this volume present new and innovative research into the processes of maritime colonisation, processes that affect archaeological contexts from islands to continents. Others shift focus from process to the archaeology of maritime places from the Bering to the Torres Straits, providing highly detailed discussions of how living by and with the sea is woven into all elements of human life from subsistence to trade and to ritual. Of equal importance are more abstract discussions of islands as natural places refashioned by human occupation, either through the introduction of new organisms or new systems of production and consumption. These transformation stories gain further texture (and variety) through close examinations of some of the more significant consequences of colonisation and migration, particularly the creation of new cultural identities. A final set of papers explores the ways in which the techniques of archaelogical sciences have provided insights into the fauna of the islands and the human history of such places."--Provided by publisher.