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A Discreet Betrayal

By Marianne Curtis
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Book Summary:

A Discreet Betrayal is a cautionary modern day love story.Using her personal Internet dating experiences as inspiration, Marianne Curtis recounts the story of Emma, a magazine journalist who specializes in investigative pieces.At the urging of her best friend, single Emma joins an online dating site where she meets Stephan, the man of her dreams. Unfortunately an anonymous revealing email suggests her fiancé is leading a sordid double life.While investigating the depth of his duplicity, Emma is surprisingly reunited with an old college room-mate, with whom she shares a life changing secret. When Hannah's estranged husband attempts to kill her, Emma risks her own life to protect her friend from his wrath.In a shocking twist, Emma discovers more to her fiancé's deception than first anticipated , including a stunning connection that leaves everyone gasping in shock and horror.How far would you go to discover the truth?

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