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A Life of Death

By Weston Kincade
  • Book ID : 154532431X
  • Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Pages : 332
  • Genre : Uncategoriezed
  • Reads : 967
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Book Summary:

Ghosts are speaking to Alex, but can he bring them justice? Alex is a troubled teen with a checkered past, a broken home, and a surprising ability: psychometry. When he touches items murder victims held in their final moments, he relives the events in gruesome detail. But who will believe a troubled teen, especially when murders implicate the town's founding family? If you like amazing supernatural stories that are intense, powerful, and fraught with emotion, then you'll love Weston Kincade's suspenseful coming-of-age trilogy, A Life of Death. Ghosts are speaking, and they want answers. Heed the call. Buy A Life of Death.

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A Life of Death

By Weston Kincade
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