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Germanic Gods and Myths Art Coloring Book

By Carrie Overton
  • Book ID : 1937571017
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Pages : 54
  • Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Reads : 568
  • eBook Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • File Pdf: germanic-gods-and-myths-art-coloring-book.pdf

Book Summary:

Images from the Danish artist Lorenz Frolich of our Germanic Gods and myths, ready for your little pagan to color. What are the Germanic Gods? Often you will hear of the Norse or Nordic Gods and Goddesses, but these Gods were not limited to the Scandinavian countries. They are the Gods of the majority of Western Europe. Indulge in the beautiful artwork within these pages. Learn the stories behind each picture. instill in your children a love for the Gods of Europe. *Updated Version* Now includes a comprehensive appendix and restored images.

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Creation myths around the world reveal an intricate network of recurrent motifs. Many of these are counterintuitive and not widely known, describing a time when the sky was low, the stars did not yet shine, multiple suns appeared, the moon was brighter than the sun, no land existed, deities and mortals maintained frequent contact, a 'world axis' in the form of a tree, ladder or giant man connected the earth with the sky, a devastating flood or fire ended the old order, and so forth. The present work, in multiple volumes, aims to find an origin for this cross-culturally and internally consistent body of traditions in a series of extraordinary natural events relating especially to the earth's transition from the last glacial period to the Holocene. This first volume sets the stage for the interdisciplinary hypothesis. Essential lines of research receive a historical introduction: comparative mythology, catastrophism and the study of the mythical world axis in relation to the earth's rotation. Various astronomical and meteorological interpretations that are not strictly catastrophist are explored for several types of myths about the sun, the moon and the world axis, but leave many of the most intriguing traditions unexplained. It is argued that a structural core of the worldwide mythology of 'creation and destruction', in which the cosmic axis takes pride of place, points to a specific period of dramatic natural circumstances in real prehistoric time. A new synopsis is provided of this universal mythological substrate. It emerges that the mythical world axis cannot have been based on a single object seen or imagined at one of the poles, as has usually been supposed. This surprising conclusion paves the way for the innovative geomagnetic theory proposed in volume 2.

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