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The Bunker

By James P. O'Donnell
  • Book ID : 0306809583
  • Publisher : Da Capo
  • Pages : 399
  • Genre : History
  • Reads : 697
  • eBook Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • File Pdf: the-bunker.pdf

Book Summary:

A compulsively readable account of Hitler's last days, written by one of the first Americans to enter Hitler's bunker after the fall of Berlin

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Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Fuhrer, is recognized as the most wicked, bloodthirsty mind of the 20th Century. But what drove this face-in-the-crowd from rural and small town Austria to commit his hate-fueled aggressions and atrocities? How did a high school dropout come to rule from the Arctic Circle to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea? How was he able to persuade a great, civilized nation to march in lockstep with him past the very gates of Hell? When Hitler was done, 60 million people were dead and a continent lay in ruins. He introduced mankind to unspeakable evil--automated, assembly-line, never-ending death. Men in the 21st Century must now face the question: did Hitler's Nazi creed really die when he crunched his teeth down on his poison capsule in the damp underground pit where he took his own life? Or does the seething hatred he represented still breathe and fester today?

I Was Hitler's Chauffeur

By Erich Kempka
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  • File Pdf: i-was-hitler-s-chauffeur.pdf

Book Summary:

“An insider view of Hitler’s closest circles, providing an invaluable account of the final months of the war” (History of War). Erich Kempka served as Adolf Hitler’s personal driver from 1934 through to the Führer’s dramatic suicide in 1945. His candid memoirs offer a unique eyewitness account of events leading up to and during the war, culminating in those dark final days in the Führer’s headquarters, deep under the shattered city of Berlin. He begins by describing his duties as a member of Hitler’s personal staff in the years preceding the war, driving the Führer throughout Germany and abroad, and accompanying him to rallies. The crux of his memoir, however, covers his life with Hitler in the Berlin Führerbunker. Crucially, Kempka witnessed Hitler’s marriage to Eva Braun and his last dinner and personal farewell to all those present, before he and his wife committed suicide. Hitler’s final order to Kempka was that he have ready enough petrol to burn him and his wife. Under constant Soviet artillery fire, Kempka, Linge, and others poured petrol over the bodies and burnt them. The account concludes with Kempka’s hazardous escape out of a burning Berlin more than 800 kilometers through Allied-occupied Germany, his arrest, and interrogation before being sent to serve as a witness at Nuremburg.

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On 30th April 1945 the world is in chaos - American and Russian forces have linked up in the middle of Germany, but the fighting continues. The roads of Germany are full of people - Jews who have survived concentration camps, Allied POWs trying to get home, and Nazis on the run. The civilian population under German control will run out of food in less that a fortnight. The man whose dream of a 1000-year Reich began this nightmare is in a bunker beneath the streets of Berlin saying his farewells. By 3pm he will be dead. This book is pure chronological narrative, as seen through the eyes of those who were there in the bunker, those waiting for news back home, or fighting in the streets of Germany, or pacing the corridors of power in Washington, London and Moscow.

Hunting Hitler

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Book Summary:

1955: The US Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Washington have been attacked using biological warfare.NATO Intelligence suspects that Nazis hiding in Argentina planned the attacks. The newly recruited thief-turned-spy Agent Borealis (Samson) is sent to Buenos Aires in Argentina to investigate who planned the attacks. What he discovers however is that Adolf Hitler is alive and well, and that the burnt bodies found outside Hitler's bunker in Berlin was just a KGB cover up operation to disguise the fact that Hitler managed to escape. But who exactly planned the embassy attacks? Are they planning more attacks? Samson's bosses at NATO Intelligence are demanding results. Having barely survived WWII and seen many of the Nazi's atrocities, Samson has his own personal vendetta against them. But security around Hitler is tight, and he needs to find a way into Hitler's compound. Can he find a way to assassinate Hitler and kill whomever is responsible for the embassy attacks?A historical spy thriller written for an adult audience. Learn more about writer Charles Moffat at

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Book Summary:

Grey Wolf

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  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
  • Isbn : 1402796196
  • Pages : 352
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  • File Pdf: grey-wolf.pdf

Book Summary:

Argues that Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, and other key Nazis escaped from Berlin and set up residence in a remote valley enclave in Argentina.