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By Nicholas A. Christakis
  • Book ID : 9780316071345
  • Publisher : Little, Brown Spark
  • Pages : 368
  • Genre : Psychology
  • Reads : 820
  • eBook Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • File Pdf: connected.pdf

Book Summary:

Celebrated scientists Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler explain the amazing power of social networks and our profound influence on one another's lives. Your colleague's husband's sister can make you fat, even if you don't know her. A happy neighbor has more impact on your happiness than a happy spouse. These startling revelations of how much we truly influence one another are revealed in the studies of Dr. Christakis and Fowler, which have repeatedly made front-page news nationwide. In Connected, the authors explain why emotions are contagious, how health behaviors spread, why the rich get richer, even how we find and choose our partners. Intriguing and entertaining, Connected overturns the notion of the individual and provides a revolutionary paradigm-that social networks influence our ideas, emotions, health, relationships, behavior, politics, and much more. It will change the way we think about every aspect of our lives.

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Discover the Key to Lasting Happiness by Cultivating Authentic Connection in Everyday Life. We are in the midst of an epidemic of loneliness. Though modern technology purports to “connect” us like never before, we live increasingly isolated and insulated lives, painfully disconnected from each other, from our values, and from ourselves. Indeed, almost 70 percent of Americans report they don’t have a single person they can confide in. Rooted in established scientific findings, as well as her own research and clinical experience, Harvard-trained psychologist and connection researcher Dr. Kristine Klussman’s approach to well-being is simple and transformative. Klussman shows us that the way to achieve true happiness and fulfillment is not by striving toward them at all, but rather by cultivating connection in our everyday lives. As Klussman says, “Happiness is what we are all chasing, but connection, meaning, and a sense of purpose are the cravings that actually fulfill us and lead to enduring life satisfaction.” Connection brings readers an eye-opening and actionable guide that teaches how to nurture your own self-knowledge and integrity—and how to use that knowledge to shape a life rich with meaning and purpose. With Connection, you will discover how to connect with yourself and the world around you in deeper and more significant ways. Through experiential exercises and guided reflection, Klussman teaches readers how to live their best lives in alignment with their values, hopes, and dreams. “The beauty of connection theory is that you really only have to remember one thing in order to increase your ability to effect meaningful change across multiple dimensions of your life,” writes Klussman. “Make achieving authentic connection your goal.” Connection will help you orient your life around your soul’s deepest and most authentic truths. Join Dr. Kristine Klussman to discover the tranquility, comfort, and gratitude that arise when we are fully an

Connected and Automated Vehicles

By Raj Ponnaluri
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Isbn : 9780128208854
  • Pages : 248
  • Category : Transportation
  • Reads : 999
  • File Pdf: connected-and-automated-vehicles.pdf

Book Summary:

Disruption in Transportation, as some experts say, is here; so is this book at this critical inflection point in the history of transportation planning, engineering, and operations. With a focus on improving safety and maximizing available systems to accommodate all modes of travel, this work brings together an array of topics and themes on transportation technologies under the banner of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV). The emerging technology implementing entities, industry leaders, original equipment manufacturers, standard development organizations, researchers, and others are singularly focused on a global multilogue to promote Safety, Mobility, Environment, and Economic Development (SMEEd). These discussions are technologically interdisciplinary and procedurally cross-functional, hence the need for CAV: Developing Policies, Designing Programs, and Deploying Projects. This book is aimed at the policy-maker who wants to know the high-level detail; the planner who chooses to pursue the most efficient path to implementation; the professional engineer who needs to design a sustainable system; the practitioner who considers deployable frameworks; the project manager who oversees the system deployment; the private sector consultant who develops and delivers a CAV program; and the researcher who evaluates the project benefits and documents lessons learned. This book makes a business case for implementing CAV technologies to achieve SMEEd goals; presents the possibilities and challenges to deploying emerging technologies; identifies the institutional roles and responsibilities; and develops a policy framework for mainstreaming CAV. A comprehensive perspective on emerging technologies and CAV policies, planning, and practice A practical guide to support the development of a policy framework, business case, and justify funding A real-world experience-driven discussion with case studies, lessons learned, and road map creation A goal-oriented and practitioner-focused